Our Vision

 The Rocky Mountain Veterans Village of Hope (RMVVH) is in the process of overhauling our organization due to organizational changes. We have recently applied for a single non-profit (501(3)(c) status. Our organization operates as a "Veterans Resource" providing referral and action resource for our Veterans.  We help Veterans access their earned VA entitlements and serve as advocates leading to a resolution of their issues.


We are organized and registered with the Colorado Secretary of  State as a charitable organization in 2013 and remamin in good standing.


 Our team is made up entirely of veteran and community volunteers who are professional and passionate about what they can do for their brother and sister veterans. We are not duplicative but focus on augmenting supportive services currently provided to the veterans in our respective communities.  We are not only a referral source but also the veterans  "battle buddy" who will personally guide our veterans through their solution.


We research and ensure the integrity, capabilities and reliability of all resource agencies that we refer our veterans to.  We daily assist the veteran in bridging the gaps and cutting through the "Red Tape" on their claims while providing swift action and tracking their progress from beginning to completion.  We additionally mentor veterans to utilize all of their entitlements to improve their self-confidence so they ultimately can transition into a successful member of our communities. 


Our organization is focused on eradicating the suicide rate along with addressing the homeless and medical problems afflicting our Veterans who have served us so gallantly. 

The Ranch


Rocky Mountain Veterans Village is seeking Ranch land in Southern Colorado on which to establish a transitional and permanent housing for our veterans.

 We feel a ranch is the perfect setting for our Veterans to re-establish their lives, learn a new trade, rehabilitate, relax, and begin their transition process in becoming valued, confident members within their community.

     We have been very fortunate in our fund raising efforts to purchase property but need America to help us raise the necessary funds to initially operate the ranch. We have a viable plan to be self-sustaining within eighteen months of operation. 


Please consider donating.  Every penny counts. Our Veterans are depending on us as we did on them.



"Those who have served this nation as Veterans should never find themselves on the streets, living without care and without hope."

– VA Secretary Eric Shinseki


We are proud to be a member of SDVOSB as a Veteran Owned Business/Non-Profit

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