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More than 22 veterans reportedly take their own lives each day and the suicide situation is not any better with our youth. 

Colorado had a higher homeless gain (24%) than any state and now has a homeless veteran population of 1,181 (nearly as high as the state of New York, which has 1,248 homeless veterans).

Between 60 and 70 veterans are entering Colorado each month, but programs for homeless veterans are finding homes for only about 50 a month.

In 2007, between 1200 and 1500 youth and young adults between the ages of 12 to 24 were homeless in Colorado making them vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

There have been no records kept for labor trafficking in Colorado prior to 2015. However, in 2010, Colorado law enforcement estimated that they investigated between 100-150 sex trafficking cases in the Denver Metro Area.


Give a Veteran in despair and without hope, a reason to "live" and not to take their own life which they so gallantly sacrificed for America.




Therefore we are focused on building a "Veterans Village" from which to centrally assist Veterans by providing transitional housing, training, counselling, and rehabilitation to enable them to assert themselves successfully into our communities.



Rocky Mountain Veterans Villageof Hope (RMVVH) is postured to give hope to our Veterans in their quest to re-establish themselves within the community as they transition from the military to the civilian world. 


We are rerganizeing to provide direct assistance to Veterans and their surviving spouses through our support center utilizing our extensive outreach program.



America's Veterans are entiltled to benefits and a quality of care worthy of their sacrifice.


VETERANS! We are here for YOU!


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