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You've served your country!  The RMVVF appreciates your service and we want to help you.  As information concerning Veterans comes to our attention we'll make it available on this page.  Articles can be viewed by selecting the hyperlinks within the story headlines.

If you happen to see information that you feel would be beneficial to your fellow Veterans, please let us know.

15 Year Retirements for Guard, 16 Jul 2016

As the Army Times reports, "full-time National Guard soldiers can now qualify for temporary early retirement, a benefit also known as the 15-year early retirement plan. In a directive signed by Army Secretary Eric Fanning, the Army in late June expanded its use of the Temporary Early Retirement Authority to allow for this additional group of soldiers to qualify."
Details on who may apply as well as an embedded link to Army Directive 2016-27 can be found at 





CNN | Report: VA misled Congress and media



The Department of Veterans Affairs misled Congress and members of the media about how many veterans died or suffered serious harm as a result of extreme treatment delays, according to a new report by the department's top watchdog. The VA shared a fact sheet in April with Congress and the press that said 23 veterans died and a total of 76 suffered harm throughout the nation while waiting months or years for health care since 1999. But the report released Monday by the VA's Office of Inspector General highlights multiple errors with these finding and a lack of evidence for statements the VA released about them.

VA employee: Vets pressured to drop claims to improve giant backlog



Houston VA creatively was trying to decrease their wait list by convincing Veterans to drop their claims for a potential positive outlook on their disability rating.  But, that would mean that they would have to resubmit their claim which eliminate the current wait list time to another wait list clock at the Houston VA.  If you receive a call from any VA office, you should be careful about what conditions they are asking you to agree to.


Small Pay Raise Projection for 2017


An article by the Military Times discusses the Pentagon's budget request for Congress including "a 1.6 percent pay raise for troops in 2017" which will be the fourth year in a row that military pay will fall short of civilian equivalency- "likely to be 3.2 percent in 2017, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates."

While TRICARE is likely to garner some attention, "the Pentagon will be seeking far fewer cuts to pay and benefits compared to the past several years.  Overall personnel costs have begun to decline after reaching a peak in 2012" which is partially due to the wide-spread cut in personnel which is currently down to about 1.33 million on active duty from "1.43 million in 2011, Defense Department data shows.

"Top defense officials say trimming personnel costs is necessary to ensure funding for high-tech research, weapons modernization and training programs across the force aren't compromised."

One additional area of interest "that is likely to impact operations for the Army and Air Force is a significant uptick in spending for Europe and the military response to renewed Russian aggression in recent years.  A budget increase for the so-called European Reassurance Initiative is likely to mean more rotational deployments for Army and Air Force units taking part in training missions with the Eastern European allies who are closest to the Russian border."

For more on the Pentagon's proposal, click

Vets Still Have Long Wait Times for Mental Health Treatment


"A review of 100 patient cases by the Government Accountability Office [GAO] found that while 86 patients seeking an initial mental health evaluation generally were seen within an average four

days of scheduling their "preferred appointment date," they actually waited an average of 26 days from their first request for mental health treatment to get that appointment - and some waited up to 279 days."
To read the complete article, go to:  VA

To read the GAO report and/or summary, go to:   GAO


More VA Wait Time News:


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced that veterans filing an original fully developed claim for service-connected disability compensation may be entitled to up to one-year of retroactive disability benefits. This is only for veterans who are submitting their very first compensation claim as an FDC. The retroactive benefits are in effect Aug. 6, 2013, through Aug. 5, 2015. FDCs can be filed digitally through the joint, DOD-VA online portal, eBenefits. VA encourages veterans who cannot file online to work with an accredited veterans service organization that can file claims digitally on veterans' behalf. For more information, visit VA's Fully Developed Claims webpage.

For complete guides on veteran benefits, visit the Benefits Center.

Military Healthcare Veterans' Healthcare Advocacy


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