The Veterans Village

What is The Veterans Village?  It's a dream!  It's a hope!  It could be a reality!


We have found a suitable (turnkey ready) ranch in the southern part of Colorado.  It's almost too good to be true, and it's not... because we do not have possession of it .... YET!!! The seller, a 501c3 offered the property for $899,999, we offered $1M, however the owner wishes to sell the property for $550K.


But besides the property ... what is it?  It's a CONCEPT we are trying to get the entire world to accept.  We have to take care of our Veterans!  They are PEOPLE who fought for us and provided us the Freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis.  Many are our Brothers and Sisters as we fought side by side with them!  They are a family we feel compelled to take care of!


Life outside the military can be very difficult for Veterans.  Some transition fine into the civilian community, but others do not.  Those are who we are wanting to help!  We want to help those troubled Veterans get back on their feet, get medical support, spiritual support, therapeutic support and rehabilitation, and re-training to be confident to live on their own and be a valued member of the community.  


That's what the Village is about!  What we'd like from everyone who visits our website, is to consider supporting and donating their time or their funds to support this very humbling project we are trying to bring to fruition for our Veterans in the State of Colorado.


Watch our video for the proposed project and consider how you can do your part.  Click on the picture of the Village and take in what could be reality with your help!

Our Village will provide "HOPE" to our veterans who might otherwise take their lives in their deep despair. We will help them.

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