“Wounded Gladiator Project” is a multidisciplinary  reintegration care practice that offers   reintegration and educational services to the communities of Texas and the United States. Our focus is to provide cost-effective, quality treatment. Our mission is to create, promote, and maintain a positive customer relationship with our clients, Carl R. Darnall Army MedicalCenter Military Hospital, other Military Hospitals in the US and our community. 

“Wounded Gladiator Project” will strive to assist veterans with substance abuse disorders, as well as other reintegration issues to access treatment that is suitable for the severity of their problems and their readiness for change.  "Wounded Gladiator Project” providers will try to gain an understanding how the many factors at play in the patient’s life effect and are affected by their substance abuse and work collaboratively with the patient on their identified problems and goals.  We will also respect that people recover from addiction in many ways, and offer many different types of treatment including outpatient group and individual therapy residential treatment, medication management, self-help, bibliotherapy, and web-based guided self-assessments.


A unique aspect of this treatment program is the emphasis on learning new behaviors.  Establishing a program in Brady, Texas will allow the residents to partake in the wealth of activities that are conducive to the hill country such as: camping, fishing, sports teams (city league softball or basketball), holiday activities and birthdays.


The key to success for this turnkey project includes: 
     - An ability to transfer existing hospital behavioral h
ealth contracts to the Center.  
    - Credentialing clinicians in a timely manner.  
    - Obtaining initial working capital.  
    - Contracting with clinicians using reasonable rates.  
    - Developing and implementing a successful billing and
collection system.  
    - Listening to all customers and attempting to meet their
    - Obtaining a medicaid provider number.

  For more info or any comments or you know anyone that can help us please email Brian Hinojosa at ethan0502@yahoo.com

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